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Terms of Service

COUNSELLING INFORMATION AND CONSENT - Rights and Responsibilities of Counsellor and Client 

Nyssa Bradsworth Counselling is an in person and online counselling service for women and young people aged 12- 15, providing counselling for mild to moderate mental health issues and are an LGBTQIA+ and neuro-diverse friendly practice.  

Counselling often explores strong emotions. You may experience emotional exhaustion, feelings of relief or at times feel a little “heavier” after a session. These are normal reactions, however, if you have any concerns about how you feel please discuss them with your counsellor. 

Nyssa is a professionally qualified Holistic Counsellor, and is continually studying and improving her research and uses various therapeutic techniques including Person-Centred therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and relaxation. She will work collaboratively with you to develop an appropriate treatment plan. The therapeutic relationship is expected to last between 8-12 sessions for short-term goals, but more in-depth work may require ongoing therapy. Clients are free to leave and return to therapy as they wish.

This practice provides a caring, respectful, non-discriminatory, and non-judgemental space. The expectation is as a client you will be respectful to your counsellor. We cannot treat you if you are under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol. Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. Clients are expected to provide accurate personal information and apply their best efforts to counselling during and outside sessions.   

Counselling does not attract Medicare rebates however some Private Health Insurance providers do. Please check with your provider.  


Cancellation and Late Policy 

If unable to attend your session, please give 24 hours' notice, otherwise, you may be charged for the session. If you are late, the session time is unable to be extended.  


Collection of Information and Data Storage 

Information collected by your counsellor for treatment is securely stored and password protected. These notes are kept for seven years. You have the right to request a copy of your case notes at any time, please allow up to three working days.  



All aspects of counselling sessions are confidential. This is in keeping with the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (amended 2006). There are only three circumstances under which your personal information may be disclosed.  

·       With your permission, including referrals 

·       As mandated by law, either by a subpoena or to comply with mandatory reporting laws 

·       If you are a serious risk to yourself or others  


Due to professional development and continuing accreditation, Nyssa may discuss your case, with your identity anonymised, with her counselling supervisor. Please ask if you would like further information on the practice of supervision.  


Using Zoom Platform for Counselling   

·       Zoom is a secure platform however both parties have a responsibility to ensure devices have adequate virus protection 

·       All sessions are password protected and sessions are only accessible to you and your counsellor 

·       If you lose connection during your session, your counsellor will call the phone number you have provided on your intake form 

·       Sessions will NOT be recorded on any device by either party without written permission  

·       Email counselling is not available  


Referrals and Other Services   

You may be referred to an alternative service provider if:  

·       Nyssa feels you will gain greater benefit from an alternative service 

·       You request a referral to another professional 

·       Prohibited relationships between client and therapist outside of the therapeutic relationship are discovered

Alternative services may include psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, holistic practitioners, or other counsellors. 


Complaints and Feedback 

If you have any concerns with your counsellor or the therapeutic process, please discuss them with your counsellor. If you would like to make a formal complaint, please contact the ACA at  



Please note we are not a crisis service and have limited capacity to respond to crisis calls.  

We aim to return your call within 48 hours however please contact a crisis service if you cannot wait for a call-back from us. In some circumstances your counsellor may reach out to your emergency contact. Please let your contact know that they have been nominated.  

By entering into counselling with Nyssa Bradsworth, you agree to the above terms. A copy will be provided at your first session. 

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